Amarillo Brokerage CompanY

Founded in 1978


Amarillo Brokerage Company

Amarillo Brokerage Company specializes in Agricultural Risk Management and Commodity Investments.

Our specialized business is commodity futures trading, and we have earned a reputation for ethical and financial integrity over the past 45 years. The daily goal for us is to maintain this leadership by providing timely information, expert execution, and risk management or investment programs tailored to our customers’ needs. As a company, we strive to provide a competitively priced product of exceptional quality.

There are three principals in the Amarillo Brokerage Company: Michael Leheska, Tyler Keeling, and Trey Warnock. Our combined experience in the commodity futures industry exceeds 45 years. Together with our brokers, we operate as a team and benefit from intellectual collaboration and mechanical efficiency provided by a team concept. Most of our customers gravitate toward a specific broker, but many of them are comfortable dealing with any or all of us and they never experience the frustration of dealing with a stranger during broker absences. In fact, Amarillo Brokerage Company is a guaranteed introducing broker through Rosenthal Collins Group, which is part of Marex Spectron.


Commodity Risk Management

We can meet your needs at a fair and competitive price whether you need a customized risk management program or a broker to execute futures transactions for a program you already have. Research on the industry at the highest level is what we provide to our customers. Amarillo Brokerage has been helping farmers, ranchers and cattle feeders manage their risk for over forty-five years. We serve customers from South Texas to South Dakota, from the Southeast to the West Coast, ranging from part-time indie producers to global commercial producers. In our office, we use a team approach to give you access to more ideas and eliminate competition within our ranks so that we can better serve you.

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Commodity Investment

Investing is something we take seriously here at Amarillo Brokerage.

We can help you with managed futures investments, guided trading programs, or simply executing your ideas as a brokerage. Most often, investing in commodity futures and options means being overleveraged in order to make a quick buck. A higher degree of leverage entails a greater degree of risk. Our preferred strategy in these volatile times is to take advantage of price relationships in agricultural commodities that deviate from the norm in an effort to profit from them. We believe that investing with reasonable goals and minimal leverage is the best way to earn consistent returns over time.

If you would like to see how commodities futures and options can benefit your portfolio, please contact us.