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A trusted name in Agricultural Risk Management and Commodity Investments since our establishment in 1978


Amarillo Brokerage Company

With over 45 years of experience, our three principals—Michael Leheska, Tyler Keeling, and Trey Warnock—lead a team committed to ethical practices and financial integrity in the commodity futures industry. At Amarillo Brokerage, we prioritize delivering timely information, expert execution, and tailored risk management or investment programs to meet the unique needs of our diverse clientele.

Our reputation for competitiveness and exceptional quality is rooted in a team-based approach, fostering intellectual collaboration and mechanical efficiency. Whether you’re a farmer, rancher, cattle feeder, or a global commercial producer, we offer a team of experienced brokers ready to assist you in managing risk or executing futures transactions.

As a guaranteed introducing broker through Rosenthal Collins Group, a part of Marex Spectron, we ensure our customers receive the highest level of service. Our reach extends from South Texas to South Dakota and from the Southeast to the West Coast, catering to part-time indie producers and large-scale commercial operations alike.

In addition to our Commodity Risk Management services, we take investing seriously. Amarillo Brokerage can assist you with managed futures investments, guided trading programs, or simply executing your investment ideas. We believe in a prudent approach to investing, avoiding over-leverage to mitigate risks and focusing on exploiting price relationships in agricultural commodities for consistent returns over time.

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